IT director saddles up for weekend adventures

Charlie and Dino explore the Pacific Northwest.

Charlie and Dino explore the Pacific Northwest.

Monday through Friday Charlie DeVoe is the Director of IT Governance for Knowledge Universe, negotiating contracts with vendors, tracking performance metrics, and maintaining day-to-day relationships with suppliers.

On the weekends, he trades his computer for a horse, exploring the Pacific Northwest with his wife the way the pioneers did: on horseback.

But horses weren’t always a part of DeVoe’s life. Like so many things, it all started with a girl.

Eight years ago DeVoe met Adrienne, the woman who would become his wife. At the time he was a Northwest native who enjoyed backpacking and exploring the outdoors. His wife was a horse lover from Manhattan who used to work at the famed Claremont Riding Academy (an equestrian stable in the middle of New York City that ran for nearly 120 years).

Although DeVoe wasn’t an equestrian prior to meeting Adrienne, she soon convinced him that horses were the perfect addition to his current hobbies. DeVoe bought a young Appaloosa horse, Dino, and the two of them learned to ride together.

“He learned to carry me and I learned to ride him,” he said. “Horses seemed fun, and they tied into my lifetime love of the outdoors and backpacking.”

Adrienne and Pearl.

Adrienne and Pearl.

While his wife is a competitive rider – and recently competed in the Pacific Northwest Regional Dressage Championship on her Irish Sport Horse Pearl – DeVoe prefers more laid-back trail riding. During the summer he and his wife take their horses on overnight camping trips, often covering 25-30 miles in a day.

“The first time I went riding I realized you can cover a lot of ground on horseback!”

Several years after that first ride DeVoe and his wife now live on 10 acres in Newburg, Ore., with their three horses: Dino, Pearl, and Adrienne’s daughter’s Mustang Sage.

Though DeVoe and his wife enjoy riding together, their duo may soon become a trio: DeVoe’s six-year-old granddaughter went to a week-long horse camp this summer and “caught the riding bug.”

DeVoe looks forward to next summer and the chance to spend some precious time bonding with the newest rider in the family, exploring local forests and parks by horseback.

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  1. Dino is like a huge Dalmatian. I live in srinagar (Kashmir) and we have beautiful valleys there. Horse back riding is really fun on those mountains.

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