Activity idea: duct tape beautifies nature

Capture4-300x178How can duct tape beautify nature, you ask? Simple – plus this craft promotes cognitive development and creative expression as 3-4-year-old children head outside and think about how shapes interact.

In this activity, preschool children will create their own snazzy bracelet using duct tape and objects from the natural world. This project is fun for the playground and for nature hikes.


  • Duct tape
  • Scissors
  • Natural materials like flowers, grass, leaves, pebbles, etc.


  • Invite children to create tape bracelets to learn about how tape can stick to itself and other things. Show children the tape and talk about some of its uses, such as repairing broken items or holding things together.
  • Cut a piece of tape that fits around each child’s wrist with some room to spare. Wrap the tape around each child’s wrist with the sticky side out, and press the sticky end to the non-sticky end to create a bracelet.
  • Next, encourage children to explore the playground or join you on a walk through the neighborhood. Look for items to stick to the tape bracelet, such as flowers, grass, pebbles, leaves, or small twigs. Older children can be challenged to find items of a specific color or shape.
  • After children have covered their bracelets, invite them to share and talk with their classmates about the items they found. Talk to the children about what kinds of objects stuck to the duct tape and what kinds of objects did not.

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