Five tips for an engaging PDD

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The Talent Experience team wants to ensure that you and your team have a successful Professional Development Day on October 12. Read their five tips for a great and engaging PDD:

  1. Prepare
    You can find everything you need to prepare for October’s PDD on the KLCentral PDD page. The PDD planning checklist will help you prep for the day. If you are a facilitator for be sure to check out the PDD facilitator planning checklist as well.
  2. Practice
    If you are a facilitator, by now you should be familiar with the content for October’s PDD and the facilitation guide. It’s important that you understand this content and can present it well, so teachers can have an impactful day of learning. Continue to read through the facilitation guide and practice with your peers to make sure you feel confident in your facilitation capabilities. Also, check out some Tips and Tricks to keep participants engaged.
  3. Reach out for help
    If you have any remaining questions about PDD content or logistics, the Talent Experience team will host PDD office hours on October 5th. Do you have questions and comments that can’t wait? Reach out now at
  4. Talk to your families
    We close down our centers for the day because we know we need to professionally develop our teachers, so it’s important to make sure you parents know what your team learned. Showcase the What I Did Yesterday poster in your lobby and in your classrooms for families to read. Make sure you and your teachers are involving them in discussions about the day.
  5. Help your teachers learn and grow (and have fun!)
    Enjoy the day with your team! PDD is a day to focus on our teachers and provide them with knowledge and tools to develop them. Make sure your team is engaged and be sure to check in with them to be sure they understand the training along the way.

For more tips about PDD, be sure to visit the KLCentral PDD page. You’re also invited to share tips of your own, ask questions of your peers, and share your photos on the PDD Yammer page.

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