From classroom to school board, director of Quality and Accreditation does it all

Board PhotoEducation has always been a priority for Christine Pieper. The Director of Quality and Accreditation started her career as a first grade teacher in California. With both of her kids still in grade school at the time, Christine, an active PTA president, saw an opportunity to make an impact on her district’s school board.

“I’ve always been involved with my kids’ school,” said Christine. “I wanted to have a voice in decisions and money spending for the district, so I decided to run.”

Christine was elected School Board President this past year. In her role, she helps set policy, manage the budget, acts as a spokesperson for the board’s interests, and coordinates communication with the superintendent and the media when necessary.

Though this is her first year serving as president, Christine has been a part of the board for six years. Her passion for education and work with KU informs her board leadership.

“I absolutely see an overlap between my work with the school board and my work with KU,” said Christine. “In our district we have preschool, transitional kindergarten, before- and after-school care, so I see both sides—the programs we offer and our competition.”

Christine’s exposure to different programs helps her understand what families are looking for in their child care options—and she can help parents entering the school system with what they should expect.

“I have a unique perspective on what parents want,” she said. “I have so many opportunities to talk to parents about what their kids are in for in the public school system.”

Though her son has gone off to college, Christine’s daughter still attends high school in the district she leads—the highest rated school district in Sonoma County, Calif.

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