Family finds “gem” of a center

The Devine family

The Devine family

Saying goodbye is never easy, especially when it means leaving a place that’s been like a second home and is filled with caring teachers who nurture each child’s sense of wonder and curiosity. But life brings change, and sometimes that change means leaving the familiar and heading toward the new. As the Devine family’s youngest child heads off to kindergarten, and the family prepared to leave their KinderCare center in Krikwood, Mo., they sent Center Director Samantha Nelson a note of thanks, and in doing so described the kind of connections KinderCare staff build with every family, every day.

“[This] uplifting story exemplifies the reason we are all in this field and why the daily struggles are worth it,” said Samantha.

Stellar daycares hold a special place in the hearts of working parents. They serve as a support system for us when we need them, providing advice and assuring us we are not failing at this parenting thing. The staff doesn’t just watch our kids while we work, they assist us in nurturing our kids, helping them grow socially and academically. Ultimately, through their loving care of our children, they help us be comfortable with the fact that we are working and not able to be with our precious babies all day, every day. This is why this goodbye is so difficult, because your center is one of these gems.

Hand in hand with both Lily and Amelia, we will walk out of there, ready for the next chapter – but yet so very sad to turn the page on this last great one.

Dropping the girls off and picking them up every day, it was always evident that I was taking them to a happy place, full of love. Watching the girls play with the other kids, seeing them laugh together and encourage each other, reinforced that this was their other family. I know that it’s time for us to move on and for good reasons. But I can honestly say that the very first day I dropped Lily and Amelia off at the center it never even crossed my mind how tough it would be to say goodbye. I thank God that I am feeling this much sadness as I am about to pick up the girls from KinderCare for the last time, because it is truly a reflection that there is no better people on earth [who] could have been their daycare provider. Thank you for helping my girls be the best they can be, and for helping us be a better family.

~ Jess

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