Activity idea: Balance tape

Capture5-300x167Here’s a fun way to turn any room or outdoor space into an instant obstacle course for preschool students; all you need is a roll of tape! Taking turns is a social skills that can be practiced by taking turns. Young children benefit from games that incorporate gross-motor activities because they help children develop balance, coordinator, and space awareness.


  • Masking tape or yarn


  • Place a 6-foot strip of masking tape or yarn in a straight line on the floor or ground. Challenge children to perform different movements incorporating the tape line.
  • Begin by walking heel to toe along the line, until you and the child reach the end of the line. Remind the child to use his or her arms for balance.
  • Next, join the child in walking backward, toe to heel, until you both reach the other side. Talk to children about why this movement may have felt easier or harder than walking forward.
  • Brainstorm with children other ways they and their friends can move across the straight line, such as crawling, jumping, hopping on one foot, or leaping.
  • After several attempts, use the masking tape or yarn to create a zigzag line, a curved line, or a shape such as a square or triangle. Continue moving along the lines and shapes in different ways for as long as the children show interest.

The KinderCare blog has other great activity ideas for children of all ages.

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