First day of “big kid” school leads to a thank you

Frankie enjoying a snack at the McMurray center.

Frankie enjoying a snack at the McMurray center.

As a new school year begins, many parents face that milestone moment: their child’s first day at “big kid” school and the realization that their baby is now school-age.

One parent from the McMurray, Penn., inspired by her son’s first day of school, took the time to write a letter to his KinderCare teachers, thanking them for the incredible experience her family had.

“This email made our day and gave us all goosebumps!” said Kelly Kramer, McMurray KinderCare center director. “We are going to miss this family a lot.”

I remember the first day I brought Frankie to KinderCare. This was the last place on our list of “tours” and the first place (and only place) my son Frankie and I felt an immediate connection. It was a perfect match!

There are many differences between KinderCare and other schools. A few differences I noticed right away is that every time I called, you answered the phone with warmth and enthusiasm; you greeted us every morning with a friendly smile; and you truly care about each and every child [who] walks in the door. From the warm greetings, friendly smiles, happy kids, and fun atmosphere, it has been a wonderful experience!

You all helped in preparing my son for Kindergarten and future school years. You taught him so much and enriched his overall well-being. He came into KinderCare very shy, introverted and lacked confidence. Today he is confident, excited and eager to learn and explore. You brought him “out of his shell”: I owe it all to you!

Thank you for your support, kindness, warmth and compassion.

You are amazing leaders and incredible teachers and we are eternally grateful.


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