Courtney Timmons’ journey to success

Courtney TimmonsAchieving success takes passion, hard work, communication, and a willingness to change. Courtney Timmons’ KinderCare center in Knightdale, N.C., and her reputation in the community turned around once she realized her own potential as a center director.

“If you ask her today what made it happen for her, she’d tell you, ‘I’ve changed,’” said Jamee Thrush, regional vice president.

When Courtney started as a center director, she found it hard to get her footing. Her conversations with families weren’t going the way she’d planned, her center wasn’t hitting its numbers, and her staff was hard to control. It got so bad that Courtney told Jamee she wanted to step down.

“I convinced her to stay and give it 90 days,” said Jamee. “That was really the beginning for her—she’s a fighter.”

Though she was shaken by her initial setbacks, Courtney was on a mission to improve herself and her center. Jamee said Courtney constantly seeks feedback, pays attention to her body language when talking to parents and staff, and has learned to collaborate to create the best early learning environment possible at her center.

“Courtney’s story is a genuine and heartfelt journey of over ten years,” said Jamee. “She’s no longer quiet or timid at meetings. She is our operations lead now, and is always volunteering to help other directors. I am confident that Courtney can take any school in my market and make it successful.” She now recognizes that success is a journey, and to make success possible it had to start with her.”

Courtney was recognized for her achievements in June at the Dallas Center Director Academy. Other people recognized at that Academy included Kelly Cunningham from Kettering, Oh.; Kathy Thomas from Riverdale, Ga.; Stephanie Marjamaa from East Lansing, Mich.; Amanda Pecina from Austin, Tx.; and Kassandra Mason from Charlotte, N.C.

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