Don’t get lost in the lingo: CD Academy takeaways

Center Directors returned from the Academy with a lot of newly developed skills. The NSC can navigate CDs’ new goals and motivations by referring to the vocab cheat sheet below. From enrollment maps to purple cows, there’s a lot to learn from our friends in the field.

IMGL1944-X2Three C’s: The three C’s stand for community, curriculum, and center—the three things that make a center seem most valuable to parents.

Purple Cow: The fourth “C,” the purple cow represents what makes a center unique and special. Not every center is the same, and that can be a selling point. The purple cow is something the center does well and is proud to do. (Check out last week’s story for more info on the purple cow.)

Enrollment A-Z Map: CDs brought home a poster-sized map intended for display in their center that allows teachers and staff to see where they fit with the center tour. Whether it is being front and center when parents come in for a tour, or simply borrowing facts from the Getting to Know You sheet, teachers can see how important their role is in the enrollment process.

Getting to Know You sheet: A new tool CDs can use to prepare for touring parents. The IMG_6027-X2Getting to Know You sheet asks parents for family and child information so CDs can perfectly tailor their tour.

Pivot Points: Parents often call the center with tricky questions. CDs practices “pivoting” those tricky questions by focusing on how their center is the best place for that family. By using parents’ questions to share positive things about the center, CDs can turn an inquiry into a tour.

IMG_1515Commitment postcard: While at the Academy, CDs wrote themselves a postcard with an overview of what they learned and made a commitment to make positive changes to their center. The postcards will be mailed to the CDs in the coming weeks.

My Experience card: CDs filled out this card in order to share what they learned at the Academy with their teachers and staff. The card, along with the Enrollment A-Z Map, is intended to get the entire staff involved in center tours and reaching their stretch goal.

Mission: The number of children a center committed to impacting by the end of back-to-school. Each center has the opportunity to change the life of hundreds of children—their stretch goal is about reaching as many children and families as possible.

Pitch Perfect: In the culminating training session of the Academy, CDs stood up in front of their peers and explained why their center is special, unique, and the best place for children.

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