Activity idea: 5 games to play with a Hula-Hoop

Hula-1200x800_TU_6166-300x199Looking for a new outdoor game to play with students? Grab a Hula-Hoop (or three) and let the games begin! Best of all, there are modifications for each game so it can be customized to fit the number of children, age ranges, and ability levels.

Get out and have a hooping good time with these five games:

Block the beanbag
Set two Hula-Hoops on the grass and grab a beanbag (or small ball). To play, stand in one hoop and have a child stand in the other. Take turns trying to land the beanbag in the other player’s hoop while the other player tries to block the throw.

To make it more challenging, try to block without using your hands. This game can be expanded to include more hoops for additional children.

Hula-Hoop basketball

Find a low branch of a tree to hang the hoop on (loop some string to help) and have a child throw a ball through the hoop. You can start lower and move the hoop to a higher branch as they demonstrate more control over time.

Ring around the bottle
Set up a few milk jugs or plastic bottles full of water on the grass a few feet apart. Have a child try to toss the hoop to land on top of one of the bottles — it’s like the classic fairway game on a different scale.

Make an obstacle course
Simply lay the Hula-Hoops on the ground and create fun rules for hopping in and out of them — like progressively moving the hoops farther from each other to see how far children can jump. For very young children, try holding up the hoop and having them try to walk through them.

Rolling hoop catch
Show a child how to roll the Hula-Hoop along the ground and have him or her try to catch it before it falls to the ground. Roll it back and forth, counting how many times you can catch and roll without letting it rest.

Be sure to check out KinderCare’s Grow Happy blog for more fun physical activities.

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