Craft table: DIY puff paint that grows overnight

Puffy-PaintThe creative minds behind the KinderCare blog have another great art project to share; combining a little bit of mess with a whole lot of texture. The wonder of this art project is the material; fluffy, puffy paint children can make themselves. Kids love working with 3D “paint,” which gives them a wonderful new texture to create with.

Make a few colors, spoon them into plastic freezer bags and let the squeeze play begin!


  • Craft glue
  • Shaving cream
  • Food coloring
  • Plastic freezer bags


  1. Mix equal parts shaving cream and craft glue in a plastic freezer bag. Add a few drops of food coloring for the desired color. The mixture will be marvelously thick and goopy.
  2. When done mixing, cut off a corner of the bag, turning the bag into a piping bag.
  3. Show children how to squeeze the paint out of the bags. (Warning: Kids love squeezing out the paint, so this part can be messy. It might be helpful to cover the work surface with newspaper or do this project outside.)
  4. Watch the creativity flow!
  5. Leave the pictures in a safe place to dry overnight. The puff paint will grow slightly and harden as it dries — which leads to great follow-up questions: What happened to the paint? Why do you think it dried? Did it get puffier? Which texture do you like better?

For other great, kid-friendly craft ideas, be sure to visit the KinderCare blog.



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