Month of the Military Child: KinderCare = family away from family

Girls with American flag_SmallAs the Month of the Military Child winds down, it seemed appropriate to close with a heartfelt thank you letter from a military mother from the Hope Mills KinderCare center in Fayetteville, North Carolina. Her letter is a reminder that the work Knowledge Universe staff do every day does not go unnoticed by families. Every family faces the unknown at one point or another, but when parents know they have a support network at their center to lean on, a “family away from family,” it’s just a little bit easier to face whatever military life throws their way.

There are so many reasons for a military family to love KinderCare. My daughter is my only biological child and the most precious thing in my life. Knowing that I am leaving her with people who feel like family, who make daycare affordable, and who have taught her so much makes leaving her everyday so easy.

I guess I always looked at being the mom of a military child as being the mom of any other type of child. But as I sit and think about the reasons I feel that way I realize that we are so lucky to have awesome childcare that makes Fort Bragg feel like home. Leaving my daughter at KinderCare is more like leaving her with a grandmother, a favorite aunt, or a best friend than it is dropping her off at daycare. They’re a family away from family.

As an enlisted soldier, and a teacher, my husband and I aren’t exactly rolling in the riches. Not only does KinderCare provide excellent care for my daughter at a very reasonable price, they helped us get assistance. The military fee assistance program is long, complicated, and intimidating. However, the staff made the process so easy and [are] always on top of letting us know when we need to update a file or send something in.

Being a teacher I value a great education. But being a working mom, and with my husband being at Uncle Sam’s disposal, we don’t always have as much time as we’d like to work with her development. But at just two years old, my daughter is already learning how to recognize shapes, numbers, and colors. She can always count to fifteen. That is a direct result of her hard-working teachers.

We are so thankful to have KinderCare as our partners in raising our daughter. The military may have sent us away from our family but we have definitely found a new home with KinderCare. There is no where else I’d want my daughter spending her days.

~ Kelly

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