I can’t imagine a world without KinderCare

Families transition in and out of centers every month: dad gets new jobs that necessitate relocating, a military mom is transferred to another base, children age out of programs. While saying goodbye is rarely easy, it is an opportunity to reflect on the many ways Knowledge Universe teachers and centers become integral parts of their families’ lives. Here’s what one family in Mt. Lebanon, Pennsylvania wrote to Center Director Melissa Fonda and the staff at the Mt. Lebanon KinderCare.

Hannah and

Sophia and Hannah

We fell into KinderCare before Sophie was born and at the time it was the only place that had an opening. So we gobbled it up, not knowing what to expect. I remember going through a tour and the person telling me all about KinderCare and the education the kids receive. To be honest, I didn’t care about that. I was only concerned about an available spot and if I could afford it. I cried because I felt like I had no choice.

Fast-forward four years and two kids later, [and] we could not be happier with our choice in childcare. We have met so many wonderful teachers along the way. We appreciate more than words can express how you love our girls, teach our girls things I would never do at home, and nurture our girls. I love how you each know the children so well and genuinely care and love each of them. I love that I never see an off day. I love that you listen to my stories and concerns without judgment. I love that you give me ideas and support.

Both of my girls have had some unusual thing happen to them in their short lives. Hannah broke her leg when she was four months old and Sophie had a near drowning last year. Both were very traumatic (more for me than them) and things that would cause judgment or concern about our (my) parenting skills. However, through it all, you gave me the support and the love that I (and they) needed. It was easy to blame myself, but your support through these accidents and just everyday craziness is so appreciated. As you know, we don’t have any family here, so truly many of you are extensions of our family.

ISo it breaks my heart to say that we will be relocating to Birmingham, Alabama due to Kevin’s job. This was a very tough decision for us, but it’s in alignment with our long-term plan to raise our girls back in the Midwest where most of our family lives. We will miss your smiling faces and all the care and the love that you provide to our girls: thank you for being amazing people and amazing teachers. Thank you for all the small and big things that you have done for our family. Know that what you do matters and it’s truly appreciated. You make a difference every day in children’s lives. Words cannot express how much we will miss you.

Kelly, Kevin, Sophia, Hannah

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