Celebrating the Month of the Military Child: 4 activity ideas

Girls with American flag_SmallApril is the national Month of the Military Child and for centers and sites around the country, and a great time to take a moment to recognize more than 3,000 Knowledge Universe families for their service to the U.S., both past and present.

It’s such a great honor and privilege to serve those who serve our country,” said Knowledge Universe Vice President of Quality & Accreditation Kathie Boe, mother of a former U.S. Marine. “They do so much for us every day – let’s make the most of this month and acknowledge all of their hard work.”

Here are four activity ideas to help recognize the military families.

  1. Create a lobby display with photos from center/site military families (including veterans) and child-created artwork. The display lets families and children know they are not alone in the world of military life. When families arrive for drop-off and pick-up, take time to point out the photos of their own family and others: help make those connections that form a close-knit community. As Virginia Center Director Carolyn Lee said, “Military service is hard. We just want to let you know that we support you. We’re here for you, whatever you need.”
  2. Host a family event to publically thank all members of military families for their service. Perhaps this means inviting military parents to join their children for lunch one day. Maybe it’s a special presentation for center families. It could also be part of the April open house. Whatever the event, give all families an opportunity to show their support and express their thanks.
  3. Invite military parents to talk with their child’s class about their work. Children enjoy hearing from their classmate’s parents and listening to a parent talk about their work makes an abstract concept (military service) more concrete. This activity is all the more meaningful if the child’s parent was unable to attend previous center events due to deployment.
  4. Lend a hand to local military support groups during National Volunteer Week (April 13-17). Military personnel often describe their work as “helping others” and “making a difference,” two concepts closely aligned with volunteering. Check out the Community Partners list on MilitaryOneSource for local groups that support military families and veterans. Reach out and see what your center or site can do to give back.

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