Welcome Healthy Environments!

Healthy Environments-The Beginning 114Earlier this month, the newest CCLC center joined the Knowledge Universe family. Healthy Environments is located at the Environmental Protection Agency building in San Francisco and is operated by the Government Services Administration (GSA). Healthy Environments opened in 2001 and until recently was operated by Bright Horizons.

Due to an increased need for onsite childcare, GSA began expanding their other San Francisco CCLC center, Kids by the Bay, last year, with the idea that the two centers would merge into the new, larger space in the summer of 2015. However, once Healthy Environments’ operator Bright Horizons learned of this plan, the company decided to cease operations of their center, leaving families without care during the interim.

Healthy Environments-The Beginning 155“This past fall we were approached by GSA in the hopes that we could step in and continue operations of Healthy Environments,” said Nyssa Bradford-Mundy, the Portfolio Management project manager for the center. “Although we agreed to run the center for just a few short months, it gives us an opportunity to begin building relationships with Healthy Environments families and staff before they transition to Kids by the Bay. This transition period not only provides families with much-needed care, but it strengthens our relationship with our client GSA.”

The center and its eight staff currently provide care and education for 35 children. The Kids by the Bay expansion is expected to be complete by this summer – stay tuned to ONE for more information on the expansion and the combination of these two centers.


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