Let’s Move celebrates 5 years with #gimmefive campaign

As Knowledge Universe kicks off its second year joing the Partnership for a Healthier America in the national fight against childhood obesity, the emphasis now is on celebrating accomplishments to date and focusing on goals for the coming year.

Let’s Move, First Lady Michelle Obama’s organization focused on raising a healthier generation of children, celebrates their fifth anniversary this year. The group invites every company and organization dedicated to helping children live healthier lives to join them in “Celebrate, Challenge, and Champion”:

  • Celebrate the successes in the fight against childhood obesity,
  • Challenge each other to try five more things, and
  • Champion for sustainable results and focus on the long-term implementation of best practices to reduce childhood obesity.

GivemefiveThis week Let’s Move and Michelle Obama issued challenge on social media to celebrate the fifth anniversary of Let’s Move. #gimmefive encourages people share five things they’re doing to lead a healthier lifestyle. Here are five things KU is doing to help children and families live healthy:

  1. Limiting juice to one serving per day, then offering children water if they are thirsty,
  2. Serving a fruit and/or a vegetable at every meal,
  3. Working with parents to ensure children have no more than one hour of quality screen time per day,
  4. Serving children ages two and older unflavored, low-fat (1%) or non-fat milk, and
  5. Finding more opportunities to educate parents about healthy eating and physical activity.

What are you doing to #gimmefive? Join the conversation on Yammer and share your tips for leading a healthy lifestyle.

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