5 goals for creating healthier KU students

KU students ready for some active, healthy play outdoors.

KU students ready for some active, healthy play outdoors.

According to the Center for Disease Control, childhood obesity has more than doubled in children and quadrupled in adolescents in the past 30 years. To address this national problem, last year Knowledge Universe joined the Partnership for a Healthier America, making a public commitment in the national fight against childhood obesity.

“I am excited and proud of our involvement with PHA,” said Dr. Elanna Yalow, CEO of Knowledge Universe Early Learning Programs. “It reflects our leadership role in the industry and directly aligns with our service values and our commitment to building strong relationships with our families and talking with them about how to support their child’s health and well being.”

Here are five ways KU is working to create healthier students:

  1. Nutrition education
    The Grow Happy blog – launched last year as a way to share healthy lifestyle habits and kid-approved recipes with parents – continues to grow and the tips presented there are quickly becoming a way of life in many centers. With the refresh of the Quality Foundations curriculum, teachers now have entire lesson plans devoted to teaching children about nutrition and making healthy choices.
  2. Nutrition standards
    Every year KU centers and sites serve 27 million healthy snacks and meals – meals that include more than the USDA recommended servings of fruits and vegetables, washed down with low-fat milk or water.
  3. Promoting healthy eating
    Visitors to any center during breakfast or lunchtime will see a common sight: children and teachers sitting down together to enjoy their meal. More details about the importance of family-style dining will be in next week’s issue of ONE.
  4. Physical activity
    Children need to move around and at KU centers every child has at least one hour of physical activity each day – more about that next week.
  5. Family communication
    Grow Happy, flyers, parent newsletters, activity idea cards, these are just a few of the ways centers and sites share healthy lifestyle tips with parents, and those informational pieces will only increase in 2015.

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