Marketing campaign helps “change trajectory” at KU

Attract Win Keep bannerTypically the end of the year is a quiet time at KinderCare centers, at least when it comes to enrolling new students. In 2014, the Knowledge Universe Marketing and Center Operations teams decided to see if that could change. In October, they introduced the “Attract, Win, Keep” enrollment initiative program. The goal was simple: build on a major Family Builder training program and encourage center directors to use that program and its tools to help them engage with prospective parents and retain existing families.

Family Builder is a program that allows center directors to organize information about prospective families in one place – everything from the type of education and care parents want for their child, to their tour date, to their contact information. This all-in-one tool has everything center directors need to help a family go from “I’m interested in KinderCare” to “I’m part of the family.”

After the Family Builder training last summer, Marketing and Center Operations developed the “Attract, Win, Keep” campaign to encourage center directors to utilize this tool. The campaign rolled out around the October open house and included weekly tips to help center directors live their services values through conversations with parents about KinderCare’s curriculum. Simple tips combined with the fun of an incentive program helped KinderCare centers do something they’d never done before: increase enrollments before the holidays.

“This campaign helped boost enrollment in a season that’s traditionally a quiet time in our centers,” said Danielle Flagg, marketing manager. “It changed our trajectory at the end of the year.”

The campaign was such a success Marketing and Center Operations decided to extend it through the beginning of 2015. Meg Bettinger, senior director of customer relationship management, encourages center directors to build on their success at the end of 2014 and shift their focus to the “keep” part of the campaign: retaining existing families. To help them, she provides weekly focus areas – simple tips to help directors build great relationships with their current families and help staff talk with parents about their children and the things they learn each day.

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