Welcome home Old Bridge!

Krissy Kaufman welcomes families to the reopening of Old Bridge KinderCare.

Krissy Kaufman welcomes families to the reopening of Old Bridge KinderCare.

After months of construction and repairs, the KinderCare in Old Bridge, New Jersey re-opened its doors earlier this month. Families and staff were overjoyed to return to the Best in Class center.

“I’m not sure who was happier—our staff, the children, or the parents,” said Lisa Anthony, district manager. “Everyone was in awe of how the center looked and just [happy] to be back home!”

The center closed after a fire on September 16. Families trekked to KinderCare centers in the area, and several Knowledge Universe teams worked to reopen the center as quickly as possible. Lisa, Best in Class CD Krissy Kaufman, and the Facilities team held weekly update calls and worked with the city to repair the damage.

“While it was a long and arduous process, having the internal resources we had during the process made a world of difference,” said Lisa. “And we couldn’t have done it without Krissy and her amazing team—not once did they complain about being displaces for months, and they were always warm and welcoming to families in their temporary centers.”

Krissy received several notes from parents when her center reopened:

“Thank you for your professionalism, love and caring during the past four months,” wrote the Akunwafor family in a note to Krissy. “We couldn’t ask for a better team to take care of our family.”

“KinderCare Old Bridge is more than just a building,” wrote the Michaud family. “It is the wonderful team who kept on smiling through our uncertainty as parents and establishing a new normal in the interim, and staying strong for our kids.”

“We’re so happy to be back,” said Krissy, who skipped out on the Best in Class visit to the NSC last month to support her center. “Everybody chipped in to make this possible. It’s been a long time, and I’m so excited.

Old Bridge KinderCare is hosting an event later this month on to celebrate their reopening.

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