NSC rallies for “The Big Game”


Jacob Powell and Brittany Baca were “frenemies” on Friday.

On Friday, many at the NSC donned blue and green to show support for the Seattle Seahawks as the team prepared for Superbowl XLIX. A handful sported swag from hometown teams who didn’t make it past the playoffs, but the ONE editorial team could only find one person in Patriots gear.

“Other than some questionable play calling at the end, the Seahawks played great and had me worried that I’d be having nightmares of Kearse’s juggle catch for years,” said Jacob Powell, call center specialist on the Facilities Service Team and the sole NSC Patriots fan. “Luckily the Patriots, and especially Brady, pulled through in the end to give us a great game and show that they’re still the best!”

Brittany Baca, senior regional facilities coordinator, and devote Seahawks fan, had just one word to describe the game: “Heartbreaking.”

Whether employees were rooting for the Patriots or the Seahawks, teams at the NSC found time to celebrate the big game with Friday tailgating, treats, and some friendly competition.





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