KinderCare a constant for two-state CD in Minnesota

Jessica Rosage doing what she does best: making sure everyone at her center is happy.

Jessica Rosage doing what she does best: making sure everyone at her center is happy.

It’s 10:30 on a Tuesday morning and Jessica Rosage is doing what she does best – juggling. On the phone with the NSC with one ear, she pauses to turn to a family of a child who had to go home sick.

“I hope she feels better,” Jessica says, then turns back to the phone.

Jessica, like many KinderCare employees and families, has been able to move across the country and still keep her connection with KinderCare.

Now a center director at the University KinderCare in Minneapolis, she has worked in four centers in two states. “I know that no matter where I move or end up I will have my KinderCare family,” said Jessica, whose family moves “semi-often” for her husband’s job.

Jessica previously worked in two centers in College Station, Texas, as an assistant director and has now worked in two centers as a director in Minneapolis since 2012.

“Our policies and curriculum are the same, but each building has its own culture,” she said. “It’s exciting and challenging to get to know each building.”

The biggest difference she has seen is simply the size of the KinderCare network in Minnesota and how many peers she has nearby. “It’s been really exciting to be part of a big team,” she said, pointing to the opportunities to meet and learn from more people.

While moving can be a difficult transition for any family, Jessica says she follows the same process to strengthen connections among her families.

“My mantra is ‘build a community in your building,’ so I’ve always been into having lots of family events,” she said.
After all, a stronger family connection helps more than her center; it helps her to connect as well.

Looking at the likelihood that she’ll move again for her husband’s job, she says she doesn’t worry about having a meaningful place to continue her own career when she looks at KinderCare’s national reach. “It helps with moving a lot.”

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