Finding the “warm fuzzies” at KinderCare

Caleb's teachers.

Caleb’s with his teachers, Shelby and Tatum.

The holidays are a time of reflection, and for one family at the Moon Township East KinderCare center in Moon Township, Pennsylvania, wrote to their center director, Heather Amick, to express their gratitude for the center and for their son’s infant teachers. Caleb’s parents believe his teachers went above and beyond and exceeded their expectations of a child care center. Read on for an excerpt from their letter.

Both Shelby and Tatum do an amazing job at remembering to tell us things during drop off and pick up. Whether it is “Caleb is out of diapers” or “Caleb did the cutest thing today!” we always feel very well informed about things going on at the center and things going on with our son. These two have never left us in the dark and are always willing to answer our questions with a smile.

Overall, Shelby and Tatum make us feel like Caleb is their favorite kid ever. While we know it isn’t true (you guys can’t play favorites, right?) we greatly appreciate the way they make it seem true by how they treat Caleb and how they treat us. It is exactly what we needed in order to make a successful transition into the world of daycare.

We were very close to sending Caleb elsewhere last January. In fact, we had a deposit paid six months in advance at a center closer to our home and at much cheaper rates. Just one week before he was to start attending, we decided that we weren’t getting enough of the “warm fuzzies” from the staff at that center and started a frantic search for a different daycare option. Choosing KinderCare was a tough decision. But looking back on the last year, it is clear that we made the right decision. KinderCare is the right place for our family, and Shelby and Tatum are two of the main reasons for that.

Josh & Jen

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