Teacher knows “every minute counts”

Amy Mosely (blue shirt) receiving her Champions Quality Award Winner award.

Amy Mosely (blue shirt) receiving her Champions Quality Award Winner award.

Every teacher wants to be the best for their students, but when the majority of your classroom parents are also teachers, the pressure is on to provide an outstanding learning experience: a challenge site director Amy Mosely at the Champions Early Learning program in Gages Lake, Illinois, rises to every day.

Prior to joining Champions in 2013, Amy had a long-term career in early childhood education, including teaching positions at a Montessori school and a traditional child care center, but when she decided she wanted to work closer to home, the Champions site drew her in. Although her initial interest was in the site’s location, once she met her managers she was excited to work with the company.

Brighid Molway, Amy’s area manager, explained that Amy’s biggest strength is building cohesive relationships with everyone: children, parents, and her two co-teachers.

“Amy takes the time to teach not only her students but her teachers,” said Brighid.

Her co-teachers are new to the program, and while it would be easy for Amy to lead every activity, she designed a Champions_Quality Achievement Award logorotating schedule to ensure that each teacher has the opportunity to lead – whether it’s circle time or learning centers. That decision hasn’t gone unnoticed by parents, many of whom are teachers themselves and know exactly what learning looks like.

“As an administrator in education I have high expectations and Amy has not only met but exceeds both my professional and personal expectations,” said Elizabeth, a parent at this unique Champions site (for toddlers). “I can see that she is a leader in her class and in the school.”

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