When Life Gives You Pizza, You Start a Blog: Adam Lindsley’s passion for pie


Field Communications Coordinator Adam Lindsley writes about a special slice of life on his blog: This Is Pizza. The native of Long Beach, Washington, moved from Los Angeles to Portland in 2009 and saw a pizza-sized hole in the foodie scene, so he started writing.

“When I moved back to the Pacific Northwest, I made it a goal to visit every pizzeria I could find,” said Adam. “There wasn’t really a resource here for people to find recommendations for pizza in the area, which is why I started covering it.”

Growing up, the only pizza Adam had access to was at the Pizza Hut in Astoria, Oregon, across the river from Long Beach. Since then, pizza has been an obsession, and Adam makes it his mission to visit new pizzerias as soon as they pop up. For him, Portland is a great pizza town.

“Portland definitely holds the West Coast title,” said Adam. “And if not the title, then we’re at least tied with San Francisco.”

According to Adam, Portland has a lot of pizzerias, and if they’re not great, they’re at least “good.”

“Portland’s such a great pizza town because we have so many pizzailoi (pizzamakers) devoted to crafting a quality product,” he said. “Where Portland could use improvement is variety–we still have no bar pizza, barely any Sicilian, no grandma-style, no great deep dish, and just one Detroit-style.”

Though one’s taste in pizza is generally subjective, there are a few tried-and-true rules that Adam sticks to when reviewing a slice or pie: 1. It has to have a good crust; 2. Using quality ingredients is key; 3. It’s got to be baked perfectly, with a little bit of char; and 4. There must be balance between the crust and the toppings. 

“First and foremost is a good crust,” said Adam. “Everything else is secondary.”

Adam’s favorite pizzas are the classic Margherita (mozzarella, tomato sauce, fresh mozzarella, and basil), and anything with good homemade sausage. Though he does make pizza at home, he saves his recipe writing for the professionals.

“I probably eat in the vicinity of 60-70 pizzas a year, but that’s just a ball park estimate,” he said. “I don’t eat pizza every single week, but usually not two weeks go by before I have another one.”

When Adam travels, he makes a point to visit the most highly regarded pizzerias at every destination. His favorite spot is in Phoenix, Arizona–the extremely popular Pizzeria Bianco. In Portland, his favorite is the New York-New Haven-style Apizza Scholls. He’s always looking for recommendations, so send some his way!

Adam writes about pizza on his blog, This Is Pizza, and has written for Serious Eats and The Oregonian. In his free time (when he isn’t eating pizza) Adam writes children’s fiction, and he is currently working on a book with a Portland cheesemonger about pairing cheeses with beer, wine, and cider.


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