Holiday feast at the office

Visitors to the fifteenth floor of the National Support Center last Friday would be forgiven for thinking they’d stepped out of the stairwell and into Grandma’s house. After all, the mouth-watering smell of a roasting turkey isn’t your typical office experience. For the Knowledge Universe Legal team it was all part of holiday fun. Known for their weekly Friday afternoon tailgate parties (alcohol free of course), the team stepped it up a notch and prepared a holiday feast with many of the same tasty dishes you’d find around any family holiday table.

“We get to enjoy holiday dinners with our families at home, but we decided we wanted to have dinner with our work family,” explained attorney John Pitcher before excusing himself to return to the festivities.

Team members brought everything from freshly buttered rolls to stuffing and veggies to homemade desserts, but the crowning glory of the smorgasbord was the turkey that had been roasting all morning in the kitchen.

“When we talked about having a team potluck, I thought ‘we need to have a protein,’ said attorney Katie Gallagher, aka the Martha Stewart of Legal. “So I decided I’d bring a turkey. It was no effort at all. It cooks itself.”

Effortless or not, the team enjoyed every morsel of the 23-pound bird and enjoyed the lunch hour relaxing with their colleagues.

“We’re all so busy that it’s great to take the time to come together during the holidays,” said attorney Kelly Struhs.

Rumor has it this won’t be the only office holiday feast, but General Counsel Liz Large put it best when she declared “The potluck ante has just been upped.”

No holiday gathering is complete without the family portrait.

No holiday gathering is complete without the family portrait.

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