Students find the fun in math with robots

Fifteen students in third through fifth grade recently participated in the Champions “Roboteers” pilot program at Asher Holmes Elementary School.

Students met for two hours each day after school for one week to work on three humanoid robots. They connected theory with practice and explored a wide range of robotics-related fields such as computer science, engineering, and mathematics. Students gained hands-on experience as they (and their robots) discovered things like locomotion, grasping, audio and video signal processing, and voice recognition.

“Providing this course in robotics helped further strengthen our partnership with the school district,” said Thea Pace, Champions area manager. “It aligned with their goals of using technology in the classroom, as well as supporting student achievement in math and science. Based on the enthusiastic response to the course, Roboteers also provided a pathway for our young participants to career opportunities in science and technology.”

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