Dispatch from Elanna: What a day at the White House

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President Obama speaks at the White House Summit on Early Education.

By now you might have heard that our company was invited to be a part of Wednesday’s White House Summit on Early Education. It was my honor to represent our company — the only private ECE provider at the summit — at this gathering of elected officials, business leaders, policy and education experts, and nonprofit organizations.

Wednesday marked a historic milestone for ECE in our country, and we were joined by Secretary of Education Arne Duncan, HHS Secretary Sylvia Burwell, Nobel laureate James Heckman, Vice President Biden, and President Obama, who announced new collective investments of more than $1 billion toward the development of our youngest citizens. Here’s what the President had to say about the American promise:

What makes America exceptional isn’t just the size of our economy or our influence around the globe. [It’s] the promise we make to our children; the idea that no matter who they are, what they look like, where they start, how much their parents earn, they can make it if they try. It’s the essential promise of America — that where you start should not and will not determine how far you can go.

Invest in UsI am proud of what we do every day at Knowledge Universe to fulfill that promise for thousands and thousands of children and families, through your focus on family engagement, serve and return, delivering our curriculum in the most meaningful ways, and doing all you do to make us the best we can be. In keeping with our commitment to our critical work, we have proposed a small number of key initiatives to contribute to the larger effort that was kicked off in Washington. Those initiatives include reaching 100% national accreditation, along with a pledge to support community efforts around inclusion services and literacy development.

We will have much more to talk about in the weeks and months ahead; in the meantime, know that our President and many other influential national leaders recognize the impact you make every day on children and families in your centers and communities.

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    • Hi Arpita – Elanna didn’t present at the White House summit. We have several stories about the importance of ECE in our archives though. Feel free to look through them.

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