New mom gives thanks for son’s teachers

It’s that time of year to reflect on the things we’re thankful for. For one family of a five-month-old in Bridgeville, Pennsylvania, that includes center director Amber Berkemeijer and her team at KinderCare.

Henry with his teachers Miss Laura and Miss Caity.

Henry with his teachers Miss Laura and Miss Caity.

It’s been hard going back to work and you guys have made it easy on us every step of the way. 

Henry is growing by leaps and bounds and when I pick him up I can tell that 99% of the time he’s had a fun and wonderful day. He wears it on his face! We haven’t had much interaction with the staff beyond Miss Laura and Miss Caity [infant room teachers] and Miss Debbie [assistant director], but they are absolutely fabulous. The days we had our problems [with Henry’s] constipation they worked with me to try different nipple sizes in his bottle to get him fed, called with updates, and were just generally fantastic. They are so warm with him and we are just so pleased with our choice to use your services. I know Miss Caity has recently switched rooms for the main part of the day, but she is so lovely with making sure I get a full update every evening when I pick him up.

I think you run a GREAT operation!


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