Be present: How LaFaye Briggs does Best in Class

LaFaye is a "beacon of light" to a parent at the Newport News KinderCare.

LaFaye is a “beacon of light” to a parent at the Newport News KinderCare.

Center director LaFaye Briggs strives to be present in everything she does at Newport News KinderCare in Virginia. Whether it’s making sure to connect with families multiple times a day, or being sure that her staff are all on the same page, LaFaye brings passion and enthusiasm to the center every day.

“Each day is a new beginning, a new start, a new opportunity to begin anew,” said LaFaye. “Each day is a day to influence, encourage, and strive to do better than the day before.”

When LaFaye heard news that she was Best In Class, she couldn’t help but cry. Newport News KinderCare has seen a turn around with LaFaye in charge — she credits the success to her team’s hard work, dedication, and motivation to get back on track.

“I have a team of 16¬†superstars [who]¬†ensure our children are being loved, learning, and having fun, and I try to do the same for them,” said LaFaye. “I give them high-fives, pats on the back, and tell them when they’ve really rocked it. Coaching in the moment, assisting them, ensuring that we do what’s best for every child in our care are all a part of what I do to make sure our team is great.”

And they are great — LaFaye says her team is always willing to go the extra mile to be creative and think outside of the box. She encourages them to push their boundaries and always keep learning.

“What you say and do and how you treat others really does matter,” she said. “My parents taught me that you should always treat others a little better than you want to be treated, because you can’t go wrong with a little extra.”

LaFaye and her staff work hard to give parents a little extra every day. They include parents in a child’s day by making regular phone calls, sending pictures, emails, and making a point to have conversations at pick-up.

“It’s plain to see that Miss LaFaye genuinely cares about each child and employee,” said Angie, a parent at the center. “She understands that it’s more than just children in the center, it’s an entire family. It is wonderful being a part of the KinderCare family, and Miss LaFaye’s heart is the beacon that drew us in!”

Congratulations LaFaye!

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