KU curriculum developer touts importance of teacher collaboration

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Knowledge Universe education experts meeting in Dallas today turned the focus from how children learn back to how their teachers learn.

Speaking at the largest gathering of early childhood education professionals in the United States, curriculum developer Celestte Dills showed how a culture of collaboration can better inspire teachers to lead, resulting in stronger experiences for children.

“When you tap into the whole team you get a dynamic team to transform the educational experience,” Celestte said at a session of the National Association for the Education of Young Children annual conference.

Celestte recently helped to develop new Early Foundations curriculum at KU. Throughout her 25 years of experience in early childhood education, she has often returned to the theme of collaboration among teachers, a topic on which she based her masters’ thesis.

The session aimed to give participants an understanding of how important leadership opportunities are for center staff to meet the education needs of the diverse student population. Celestte also focused on how early learning centers can best utilize the resources of experienced and passionate teachers.

“We need to look at education from all views. We’re eternally teachers,” she said. Celestte said educators who create a continuum of learning better enable their peers to always seek and gain new knowledge to better engage students and children.

Tips from the session:

  • Teach each teacher differently, because they, like children, each learn differently.
  • Tap into talent. If one teacher has an eye for designing bulletin boards, let her have at it.
  • Help all teachers grow – your collaborative culture will breed new ideas.

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