Rep. Peisch visits Wellesley Knowledge Beginnings

Rep Peisch 6
The Wellesley Knowledge Beginnings recently hosted State Representative Alice Peisch, a Massachusetts education advocate.

“We wanted to show Rep. Peisch all the hard work the children do,” said Joanna Siegal, center director at the Wellesley Knowledge Beginnings. “It is important for elected officials like Rep. Peisch to come visit our centers so they can see the importance of early childhood education. When they come to a center they [are] able to see how the teachers are helping to construct the minds of our future leaders. It is important for [elected officials] to understand that when children get a great education…they will grow up to be productive citizens of the world.”

Rep. Peisch is in her third year as the House Chair of the Joint Committee on Education, where she’s tackled a broad range of issues including special education, curriculum, and school finance. Her efforts also brought Massachusetts in line with other states in requiring a national criminal history check for all teachers, school employees, and early education providers. For her work on education, Representative Peisch received the 2012 Walt Turner Award from the national Association of Educational Service Agencies. She was also the recipient of the 2012 Massachusetts Association of School Committees’ Legislator of the Year award and the 2012-2013 Massachusetts Reading Association’s Reading Advocate Award.

During her visit Rep. Peisch joined Dr. Elanna Yalow, KU’s CEO of Early Learning Programs and Wei-Li Chong, EVP of People and Family Experience, and visited with the teachers and students at the Wellesley Knowledge Beginnings. After a tour of the center, Rep. Peisch joined the prekindergarten children for their morning lesson and story time.

“We felt like it was an honor to have Rep. Peisch visit out center,” said Joanna. “ It was a wonderful opportunity for her to see the hard work we put in as educators and the skills the children are learning.”

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