KU Launches Employee Relief Fund – the ONE Fund


There are many reasons to be proud to work for an organization like Knowledge Universe – starting with the 173,000+ children and families we get to educate and care for every day, now there is a new way for employees to show how much they support each other.

On Professional Development Day, Knowledge Universe launched its first ever employee relief fund, the ONE Fund, created by and for KU employees to help peers when they most need assistance. (Employees can sign up to participate today at KUBenefits.com. See the 10/30 ONE email for login information. HINT: CDs – Print forms to give to your teachers, collect them, and return them.)

“The greatest thing about the ONE Fund is that it is a true development based on the heart and soul of our teacher community,” said Rachel Sample, community manager. “The fund came from teachers’ desire to help each other when facing a tragedy–it serves to make that easier. We can now support that desire.”

The ONE Fund provides an opportunity for KU employees to contribute a modest amount every pay period to make a big impact on those in need. Contributions will be pooled and made available to eligible employees who experience a devastating hardship ranging from a home catastrophe to a death in the family.

Sign-up forms have already started streaming in to the NSC. Applications for the fund open toward the end of the year and will be reviewed by a KU peer team made up of field and NSC representatives.  For more information, see the FAQ on KLCentral here.


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