Update on Logan’s stroll

Remember way back in December when we introduced you to Logan, a toddler at Dawn Seaman’s KinderCare center in Pittsburgh? Logan entered her center with no desire to walk and was a very picky and stubborn eater. Thanks to the encouragement of his teachers, and the collaboration between the center, his family, and this therapists, within a few months Logan began walking and his appetite improved dramatically. Logan’s parents were thrilled when he began walking around their home on his own, so much so they shared a video with us.

Logan and his family moved to South Carolina in August of this year, but before they moved his mom Megan sent Dawn a video of Logan climbing the stairs at a local mall and interacting with another child. Not only is it remarkable that Logan climbed the stairs by himself, but also that he asked another child for help when he got stuck. See for yourself in this video:

“Seeing the social/emotional changes in Logan in this video is quite impressive as he was not typically a child [who] would play interactively,” said Dawn.

Megan also sent a video of Logan exploring their new home in South Carolina:

“This was such great progress as Logan did not crawl before; he had sensory issues [with] being on his knees,” Dawn explained. “Even before he began walking, he would only scoot on his bottom to get where he wanted to go.”

“Logan has made so many improvements in his mobility, communication, and comfort level with various situations since starting with KinderCare and TEIS [Therapeutic Early Intervention Services],” said Logan’s mom Megan. “I truly cannot say enough with how pleased Chris [Logan’s dad] and I are with his development and the support that he received from these two service providers. We know that he never could have achieved so much if not for the love, support, and flexibility of KinderCare. It was such a sad day for us when we said goodbye to the center to move to South Carolina. We can only hope to find such caring and wonderful people to help guide our son moving forward.”

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