Kristie Woodward’s hard work makes her Best in Class

Kristie Woodward, center director, and Wendy James, assistant director.

Kristie Woodward, center director, and Wendy James, assistant director.

“Kristie is without a doubt deserving of the Best in Class award,” said Kari Iglesias, a parent at Breezewood KinderCare in Fredericksburg, Virginia. “I mean let’s face it, raising one child is hard enough, and she is responsible for raising a whole center full of children!”

According to Kari, Kristie Woodward, Best in Class center director, excels at creating a positive learning environment for the children in her center.

“The teachers always pay attention and keep you informed on how your child is doing,” she said. “Breezewood KinderCare truly keeps my mind at ease when my little man is here.”

And other parents agree: Kristie takes the time to get to know families and help them feel at home in the center by setting standards for her staff and holding them to that.

“Kristie has been wonderful to work with,” said Sarah Delano. “She helped us through a hard transition time, and was very caring and took extra time to make sure that we were okay with everything that was going on.”

By keeping communication with families frequent and open, Kristie succeeds in keeping her families happy and engaged. Families are thrilled to see their children learning, and credit their satisfaction to Kristie’s leadership style and passion.

“As a parent, Kristie makes you feel important and not just like another number,” said parent Tammy Yednock.

But if you asked Kristie what makes her so successful, she’d attribute it all to her staff.

“I’ve always believed in surrounding myself with good people,” she said. “It makes such a difference here, and it’s something that I love about this company—we’re just good people.”

In the five years Kristie has served as center director at Breezewood, the center has been honored with a Knowledge Universe Early Childhood Educator Award in 2012, and now Best in Class.

“We’re blessed,” said Kristie. “Last year I asked what I needed to do to be Best in Class, and we all worked hard all year to achieve it. Our hard work finally paid off!”

Kristie’s staff see her as a friend as a mentor first and boss second.

“She’s personable, a real friend,” said Miss Lindsay, prekindergarten teacher. “It’s just Kristie. It’s the way she makes sure we have what we need to get the job done.”

“Our center runs like a well-oiled machine,” said Miss Kristen, program specialist. “Our number one priority is to be on top, and Kristie always knows what to do to get us there. She always does what’s best. She’s hardworking, and while she’s helping you, she’s working too.”

The center’s hard work is clear: Breezewood is an award-winning place thanks to Kristie’s passion and dedication to helping her staff be the best that they can be.

Congratulations Kristie!

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