Attract, Win, Keep: FamilyBuilder contest boosts enrollments

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Every new child enrolled in one of our centers is one who will experience a high-quality early childhood education. The strategy to keep families walking in the door? Attract, Win, Keep. And the tool to best enact this strategy? FamilyBuilder. To incentivize this effort, Center Operations “Ringleaders” are holding a contest: over a five week period, centers in any one district must complete a series of challenges and use FamilyBuilder to be eligible for a prize.The final goal is to enroll at least eight students per center over the five-week period.

After the first two weeks, Region 9 has the highest percentage of qualifying centers.

Throughout the contest period, center directors log in to FamilyBuilder and follow up on tour inquiries every day, opening and maintaining communications with families in an effort to bring them into the center. Once CDs reach all of the milestones for that week, they’re entered to win.

“My center directors have been focused on three behaviors for the fall 2014 season–phone sales, asking for the enrollment, and FamilyBuilder,” said Tiffany Bliss, district manager in Region 3. “With FamilyBuilder, they are challenged to use a tool that supports the growth of their business instead of just checking off a list.”

The Attract, Win, Keep contest helps CDs use FamilyBuilder to its fullest extent. In order to be eligible for prizes, centers must document all of their activity in FamilyBuilder. Each week of the contest, which started on October 6, aims to help develop confidence in using the program and working on getting enrollments.

Districts can earn prizes by getting all of their centers involved. And at the end of the contest, qualifying centers will be entered to win a $5,000 prize.

“The Attract, Win, Keep contest has helped my CDs feel confident that their behavior has changed,” said Tiffany. “What a great way to be rewarded and to reinforce good behavior! We are well on our way to hit our best ever, and I am so proud of their ability to self-reflect, hold themselves accountable to their results, and support one another to ensure team success.”

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Good luck!

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