York Champions connect with community through breakfast


Champions students at Dare Elementary with some of the donations they gathered for their food drive.

Students at the Dare Champions program in York County, Virginia, took their “community connection” theme to a new level recently by hosting a breakfast food drive for the York Poquoson Social Services.

“The community connection theme enables the children to get in touch with the community,” explained site director Shyniece Rose. The children wrote songs, built replicas of local landmarks and created a mural of their community. The most popular activity was the food drive, inspired by a little bit of a show-and-tell project.

“As a team we decided to bring in our favorite box of cereal because breakfast is the most important meal of our day,” said Shyniece. “There was a lot of discussion about…breakfast and how this enables children to come to school well-nourished and ready to absorb learning. [Also] that some children are less fortunate and sometimes they go to school hungry and still want the same opportunity to learn but with less nourishment for their brains, it can be a challenge.”

After the discussion students decided they wanted to help others have a healthy breakfast so they, with some help from Shyniece and site teachers Brittany Barnette and Mike Hundley, organized a food drive to benefit their community. Since breakfast is the most important meal of the day, they decided to collect cereal: more than 40 boxes for the York Poquoson Social Services.

“They [Social Services] were so happy and proud that Dare Champions donated and that as young as our children are they are getting involved in their community,” Shyniece said. “The children learned that a community helps one another and that if feels good to give and not to expect anything in return.”

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