Meaningful Moment: Can’t wait for school

Family engagement is key when it comes to running a successful center. Engaged families not only participate in center events, but often they’re also the ones who stay in touch with their favorite teachers outside of school, and the types of parents who send those “I just wanted you to know” letters to make sure e-v-e-r-y-o-n-e is aware of their incredible teacher. District manager Wendy Donovan recently shared this letter from a parent at her Mt. Lebanon, Pennsylvania, center in which the mother talks about transferring from one KinderCare to another and how the staff at her new center went about making her children feel at home.

Ms. Kathy at Sophia's dance recital.

Ms. Kathy (holding Sophia) at Sophia’s dance recital. Kathy’s son Christopher is on the left.

I wanted to pass along a note about a few of the teachers at Mt. Lebanon Kindercare. We have 2 children, ages 5 & 2, who have attended KinderCare since they were infants. Last year we transferred from the downtown Pittsburgh location out to the Mt. Lebanon facility and couldn’t be happier. Our daughter, Sophia (5), had Ms. Kathy (Wolfe) for her Pre-K year and simply put, she is AMAZING. Sophia learned so much and was excited to go to school every day! We saw a lot of progress with her sight words and writing skills, not to mention the use of her imagination. Ms. Kathy cares for each one of our kids as if they are her own and manages all of their very different personalities like a pro. She even came to Sophia’s dance recital on a Saturday. We pulled the kids out of school for the summer, but she still make a point of keeping in contact with Sophia, sending her cards from her friends at school and even some of her own. Soph genuinely gets excited every time something comes in the mail for her. This summer she learned to jump off the diving board and the first person she wanted me to call was Ms. Kathy because she knew she would be proud of her. Literally every day, Sophia tells me how much she misses her. As a parent, it warms my heart knowing that if I couldn’t stay home with her, she had a place she loved to go and learn about the world. I desperately hope Kathy is still there when Logan (2) gets to her class!

I also wanted to recognize Logan’s teachers, Miss Skylar & Miss Angela in Toddler B. They welcomed Logan with loving arms last summer and have gone above and beyond to make that room special. Logan was out of the room when their class picture was being taken and Skylar and Angela organized another one with him in it (separate from the actual picture day) just to make sure he wasn’t forgotten and so he could remember his friends. On his birthday, they made a special poster for him, and put it on the door so he would see it the morning of his birthday. He was so excited to see pictures of himself when he came to school! He too was out of school for the summer, but has asked if he goes to “Skyer and Angela” class. I’m avoiding answering, since I know he will be moving to a different classroom when we go back. I just keep telling him he will get to see them soon and the biggest smile comes across his face. They both have kept in contact over the summer and let me know that which friends will be in his new class to help make the transition smoother for him. Again, another sign of great teachers!


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