Serve and return: Coming to a newspaper near you

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After several years of hard work, the Knowledge Universe education team revealed the revised version of our core curriculum, Early Foundations, on September 8. While centers around the country are discovering the fun of teaching some of the new lessons – check out all of the photos on Yammer – parents are also learning about the focus of the new curriculum, including the concept of serve and return.

The marketing team is also working diligently to explain serve and return to families around the country. Remember when Dr. Elanna Yalow went on Lifetime TV to talk about serve and return and how early interactions with adults help build a child’s brain circuitry and create a strong foundation for future learning and development? That television segment was just the beginning of the national outreach campaign. This fall marketing began distributing “Serve and return: learn how early childhood interactions are crucial to learning,” an article that explains the concept and its importance in early learning. The article has already appeared in local newspapers across the country. Additional editorial content is in the works, so keep an eye on your favorite publication; it might have a piece on serve and return soon.

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