Meaningful Moment: Making an impact


When a family leaves a center after a short period of time, teachers and staff can be left wondering “did we make a difference?” One mother in Virginia puts that question to rest with an emphatic yes. Although she only needed care for her 14-month-old daughter for two months, the welcoming reception and familial atmosphere of the West End Drive KinderCare in Richmond, left her with no doubt that KinderCare was the best place for her daughter.

My first contact with KinderCare was a phone call with Erica Chanel, assistant director. I needed daycare almost immediately and I did not know the duration. I was new to the Richmond area and very stressed about the situation. Ms. Chanel was polite, professional, and helpful in answering all of my questions. Once I spoke to her I got the feeling that she had everything under control, and I calmed down. I visited the school the next day and got a tour from Ms. Chanel. At that time I filled out an application and decided to enroll my daughter the following Monday. The process was easy and streamlined and Ms. Chanel quickly got us set up.

I was able to meet Carolyn Lee, the center director, shortly after and found that she was just as wonderful as Ms. Chanel. She was friendly, engaged, and proud of the program at KinderCare. I felt like I had known her for a long time after just a few conversations. She has the perfect personality to be the head of a daycare. The center itself was always clean, safe, and had a very positive vibe. The rest of the staff was always smiling and pleasant to deal with.

Most importantly, every day Ms. Lee and Ms. Chanel both made me feel like they really wanted my daughter there and cared about her development and well-being. I believe my daughter grew by leaps and bounds both academically and socially in just a few months. My temporary employment in that area unfortunately ended and my daughter will be unable to continue there, however, I hope to participate in some of the other activities associated with KinderCare when our family is in that area.

I know there is a lot of competition for daycares and that good management can be hard to come by, which is why I felt it important to distinguish Ms. Chanel and Ms. Lee for providing a wonderful experience for both me and my daughter, making me feel a little bit better about leaving her each day.

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