Grandparents & Revered Elders Day

More than 75 grandparents participated in this year’s Grandparents’ Day at the Fox Child Development Center (CDC). The event, held every year the Friday before national Grandparents’ Day (September 7), is set aside as a celebration of children’s grandparents and their “revered elders.”

“The staff thoroughly enjoys this day, almost as much as the grandparents, who arrive early and seem to want to linger,” said CCLC regional director Tricia Quinn. “We have the opportunity to become better acquainted with the extended family, and the grandparents get to see how much fun learning can be. They enjoy knowing that their children are surrounded by supportive and caring teachers and that they are thriving in a safe and loving environment.”

The 90-minute program included music with the center’s music specialist and an art project in each classroom in which grandparents joined their grandchildren to create a special memento to remember the day. The toddler class made picture frames that looked like puzzle pieces. Teachers inserted pictures of the child with their grandparents into the picture frames for them to take home. The event was topped off with scones and a fresh fruit medley.

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