NSC A-Z: P is for Procurement

The procurement team with some of the tools of their trade.

The procurement team with some of the tools of their trade.

Name: Procurment

Size: 19

Known for: Driving out unnecessary costs to save KU money; I-Proc; and finding products (like educational supplies, computers, books, food and chairs) and getting them to the right place at the right time. Also reinventing online ordering at KU.

Habitat: 12th floor

Migratory patterns: Toward Chipotle, or to Oregon Square Courtyard for the E-San food cart and Tuesday Market.

Food: Pizza!

Predators: P-Card, small freight orders, inclement weather, supplier back orders and out-of-stocks.

Most active: 24/7/365! But summer is especially busy for back-to-school.

Daily activities/regular routines: Celebrating birthdays, monthly all-team meetings, quarterly team building events—last time it was a murder mystery party.

Longest standing members: Derrick, Samantha, and Darrell were all hired 14 years ago, each within a month of one another.

Newest additions: Julian and Renuka, both hired this month.

Babies born in the last quarter: Four, plus one grandchild.

Adaptive survival skills: Picking up the phone and calling to clarify. Having a bird’s eye view of the business—Procurement interacts with everyone around the company at all levels.

Words of Procurement wisdom: “Spend in-network.”

Contact: Purchasing@klcorp.com, or call the hotline: 888-955-5252

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