USDA CDC Celebrates New Home


LaTonya Brown, Woodsy the Owl, Jennifer Fairfield, Smokey the Bear, and Michelle McGraw at the USDA CDC Ribbon Cutting ceremony.


Representatives from CCLC, the US Dept. of Forestry, the USDA and GSA helped celebrate the renovated child development center.

When an earthquake rocked the nation’s capitol three years ago, the Child Development Center at USDA (a CCLC center) moved temporarily while the entire building was renovated. The center, which has its grand reopening on August 19, celebrated their revamped digs on Tuesday, September 9, with a ribbon cutting ceremony.

“It is my passion to make sure we do what is best for America’s future, which is right here,” said USDA Secretary Tom Vilsack. “We are proud of this facility; it’s a win for all organizations involved.”

Representatives from CCLC, USDA, the US Forest Service, and the General Services Administration (GSA) gathered to celebrate partnerships, the center, and the 80 children who will learn there.

“We are very fortunate to host and have been a part of this child development center for many years,” said Tim Tidwell, USDA Forest Service Chief. “This speaks so much for USDA, that we really value work-life balance.”

Tim also ensured that special guests Smokey the Bear and Woodsy the Owl would visit often.

“I love it here; I have such a great staff,” said center director LaTonya Brown, who cut the ribbon alongside Tom, Tim, children from the center, and other special guests, including representatives from the GSA, who provide all the furniture and fixtures for the center.

“They provide the furniture, we provide the toys and enrichments that go on top,” said Michelle McGraw, client liaison manager for CCLC east. “Families were so amazed at the beautiful classrooms and the engaging activities available for their children.” The GSA provide furnishings for several federal CCLC sites in Washington, D.C.

“Congrats to all of us, to the USDA–but most importantly–to the youngsters who will share this space and start their life in the right way,” said Tom.

Welcome home CCLC USDA!


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