New GPS capability coming soon to streamline hiring process

Final-GPS-logo-for-PPRecruiting at KU is about to become a one-stop shop. The first phase of Great People Selection (GPS) rolled out to the field and recruiters in April starting with the use of the Gallup Talent Assessment to better predict the success of potential hires. Starting this fall it will be integrated with the Taleo hiring system to keep all facets of the hiring process in one place.

GPS: Gallup Talent Assessment

The early response to the Gallup Talent assessment has been amazing – more than 13,000 teachers, center directors, and district managers have been assessed since April, giving leaders a better idea of the type of talent they seek to best serve their families. In short, the Gallup Talent Assessment, designed by KU, for KU, provides field leaders with the help of science to marry with the art of hiring great people.

“The new tool, Gallup Talent Assessment, has the ability to help us see into the candidates in front of us,” said center director Heidi Cusworth in a video posted to Yammer. “Over the years, I’ve wished I could have the chance to see into the future of how this person would be and to see if they were a good fit in making a difference in the lives of the children in this school. Now, CDs will be able to make an informed decision.”

GPS: Hiring Excellence with Taleo

Starting in September the next phase of GPS begins with our new integrated hiring system. The rollout begins with recruiters, followed by CD/AMs and ADs by the end of the year.

Taleo streamlines the hiring process from posting a job and viewing resumes to viewing the talent assessment score and the background check, through making the final offer. Everything is in one place. This integration allows the hiring process to run smoothly for the candidate, the center leadership, and the recruiter. With these tools, KU will be able to make the connection between hiring decisions and performance. More to come on Yammer!

For questions about the Gallup Talent Assessment, see the GPS page on KLCentral.

2 thoughts on “New GPS capability coming soon to streamline hiring process

  1. I am not able to enter a password, I tried resetting it but it still won’t take one.
    I have been trying to apply for a job at Andover, Mn

    • Hi Jana! The best way to work through your issue would be to contact the Center Director and have her work with your and the GPS Hiring Team at our corporate office. Thanks!
      Zibby Pillote
      Communications Associate

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