Optimus Prime visits First Gear Academy

First Gear Academy poses with Optimus Prime

First Gear Academy poses with Optimus Prime

The kids at First Gear Academy in Portland, Oregon got a special treat recently when they got to meet two movie stars— Optimus Prime and Galvatron. The two trucks, built by Daimler Trucks of North America for the newest Transformers movie, are on display right across the street from the center.

“Some of the younger children weren’t aware of the trucks being famous, but the older children were VERY excited,” said center director Ashley Jenkinson. “One whole class said ‘whoa’ as they walked in, and they were somewhat disappointed that the trucks wouldn’t transform right in front of them!”

“They were actually enormous trucks!” said Cole, age 5. “They had fire and Batman.”

Parents, staff, and children all enjoyed the mini-field trip and were somewhat starstruck by the giant trucks.

“There was Optimus Prime and you could see what it was like in a car or truck,” said Lulu, age 5.

“The parents in general and teachers thought it was very cool because they’re fans of the Transformers movies,” said Ashley.

The Transformers trucks will only be at Daimler through the end of July, but there are often other semi-trucks on display that the children are invited to visit.

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