Backpack Packing Winners!


Knowledge Universe volunteers packed 400 backpacks in 1.95 seconds per backpack.

Earlier this week volunteers from Knowledge Universe packed hundreds of backpacks in preparation for our annual March to Beach. For the seventh year running, Knowledge Universe is partnered with Schoolhouse Supplies to provide backpacks and school supplies for children in need at Beach School in North Portland.

To get ready for that event – those backpacks must be packed! The competitive packing party, Pack-A-Palooza, takes place at Madison High School each year and on Tuesday, July 22, Knowledge Universe had the fastest team of packers of the day. Volunteers raced against the clock and other corporate sponsors to pack  backpacks full of school supplies assembly line style. Our time, 1.95 backpacks per second, was the highest among our fellow community supporters. To see more photos of the event, click here.

To see those backpacks reach the hands of students at Beach School, Sign up to be part of March to Beach on September 4.  Help share our passion for learning and commitment to our community.


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