Wei-Li: Engagement is not an activity, it’s who we are

Announces Employee Relief Fund, strengthened engagement at CD Summit

Wei-Li Chong believes world class engagement is possible at KU if we continue to transform our culture.

Wei-Li Chong believes world class engagement is possible at KU if we continue to transform our culture.

Wei-Li Chong showcased his commitment to radical cultural change at Knowledge Universe in his keynote address at the Center Director Summit Wednesday morning. Wei-Li empowered center directors to continue improving employee and family engagement throughout the organization, which he hopes will someday be “world class.”

“Only 30 percent of the American workforce is engaged,” said Wei-Li. “That’s sad. Over the past two years, we’ve improved our engagement to 50 percent, and that’s all you – your leadership, what you do.”

Wei-Li emphasized the importance of Yammer, Professional Development Day, and The Welcome as tools for boosting employee engagement, and he underscored the importance of providing employees with affordable benefits.

In his keynote, Wei-Li also announced the KU Employee Relief Fund, a new effort that will launch this fall during PDD. The fund, which will be made up of employee contributions, is intended for employees to help their coworkers in times of dire emergency.

“It’s going to be a fund managed by employees, for employees,” he said.

An employee relief fund provides financial assistance to employees who are experiencing an unexpected hardship. The funds come from other employees who contribute voluntarily through a small paycheck deduction – as little as $1 per paycheck. The fund will be open to applications later this year. In addition, Wei-Li shared that KU is working on a way for employees to offer PTO to other employees.

With the programs that KU already has in place, plus new ways to support employees like better benefits and the Employee Relief Fund, Wei-Li believes that KU will be to world class engagement in no time.

“Engagement isn’t an activity,” he said. “It’s who we are. It defines us.”


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