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The word is out. Yammer is the place to be to build community within KU. Whether it’s connecting about the Center Director Summit, sharing activity ideas, or catching up on the latest company and industry news, Yammer has something for everyone.

“Yammer is a great way to reach other centers and connect with ideas,” said center director Debi Agabiti. “I love to read about what other centers are doing and find their photos extremely helpful–not only to me but to my entire staff.”

Debi uses Yammer for many things, like keeping up with centers going through the accreditation process. “So many centers might struggle with certain portions of an accreditation criterion like community outreach,” Debi saidi. “Yammer is a terrific place to look at what other centers are doing and give you inspiration for things to do in your community.”

Debi believes that Yammer is an important tool for helping KU reach our accreditation goal.

“It’s a great place for those centers that are just in the self study or application process to reach out to those centers who have already completed NAEYC and are living it everyday,” she said. “Yammer is helping to spread the infectious atmosphere of accreditation throughout the company!”

The network connects center directors, district managers, NSC employees–anyone with a KLCorp email address.

“Yammer has been one of the best examples of the power of the KU community!” said Wei-Li Chong, executive vice president of people and family experience. “I’m constantly inspired by the way we share best practices and celebrate one another’s achievements.”

“With more than 2,000 users on Yammer, it’s one of the most effective ways we communicate with one another,” Wei-Li said.

See below: How to start using Yammer

What is Yammer?
Yammer is an enterprise social networking service specifically designed to connect work communities. Similar to Facebook, Yammer allows you to “follow” specific users so that you always see their posts, and displays popular posts and posts you follow in a newsfeed format. The biggest difference between Yammer and Facebook is that on Yammer, you don’t have to “add” anyone to become their “friend.” Since we all have company email addresses, we’re all in the same network—no need to “friend.”

Yammer allows you to post status updates, photos, links, videos, or other files for the entire company to enjoy. You can also “like” and comment on other peoples’ posts, or share posts to your own page or to a specific group. Like Twitter and Facebook, Yammer uses hash tags to categorize.

First steps
When you land at Yammer.com, enter your KLCorp email address to login or create an account. Once you do so, you will be welcomed in to the KLC Network. Before you begin posting, please update your profile to include your name, job title, and a photo of yourself. It is important to upload a photo of your face (not your adorable dog or child) so that we can put faces to names—we’re a big company, let’s get to know one another! Think of Yammer the same way you think of LinkedIn—profile pictures should be somewhat professional.

Navigating your newsfeed
Yammer’s newsfeed feature is similar to that of Facebook, Twitter, or LinkedIn. Posts by people you follow appear in descending order; popular posts (posts that many people are liking or commenting) get moved up toward the top of your newsfeed. You can view posts from people you follow, or posts from everyone in the company by clicking the tabs at the top of your feed.



While navigating the newsfeed, you can like other people’s posts, leave comments, or share posts to specific groups. Don’t be shy! Start a conversation, ask a question, or leave feedback.

Posts can be made to specific groups or to the All Company feed. To make posts about specific topics, use hash tags. When composing your post, simply write what you want it to say. In the example below: “R5 D14…Sparking the fire” followed by any tags you want to include preceded by the pound symbol (#). In the post below, center director Valeryne Grotrian uses tags “#readytospark” “#glowbucks” and “#letsdoit.”


Stuck on what tags to use? Tags usually relate to an event, initiative, or trend. Right now, popular tags include “#Spark” “#KUSpark” and “#GlowBucks” in anticipation of the CD Summit.

If you’re making a post that mentions people or specific groups of people, you can tag those people in your post, too–they’ll receive a notification and can then navigate directly to your post. To tag a specific person in your post, type the “@” symbol followed by the person’s name. For example “@David Roy.”

Receiving messages and notifications
When someone comments on a post you made, you will receive a message in your inbox. You can also send private messages to one another similar to Facebook. Your inbox is located in the top left corner. Next to your inbox, you will see a bell symbol–this is where your notifications will appear. You will receive a notification if someone likes your post, shares your post, or tags you in a post.


Joining and navigating groups
Groups allow you to connect with people in your region and district, people attending the same event as you, or with people who share an interest. The KU network has many groups with topics ranging from center design and inspiration to the latest company and industry news. Joining groups is easy, and once you’re in, the posts in any group will appear the same way as in your home newsfeed.

To join a group, click the “Groups” heading beneath your profile picture on the left hand side of the page. There, you will be directed to all of the groups that exist within the KU network. To join, simply click the “Join” button beneath the group’s photo.

Groups link

Groups moreGroup Join




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  1. I am submitting a review to as many places as i can. The director of this center is so unorganized and unprofessional. Tonya has a crooked group of people under her thumb. I do not trust her with my money or my child! She has swept so much under the rug and is s huge hypocrite. I used to work there! Ask anyone who works there. They’ll tell you nothing but bad things about her.

    • Hi Lee. Which center are you having a problem with? I would like to pass your feedback on to our Customer Care team.

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