San Diego students explore STEM

The La Jolla Children’s Learning Lab in California  recently introduced Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math (STEM) Integration into lesson plans for preschool and prekindergarten children as a supplement to the Early Foundations Curriculum.

The purpose of early STEM integration is to expose children to a higher level of critical thinking, a larger vocabulary, and practical experience with all four STEM fields. The children created a pendulum, practiced photography, learned time management skills using computers, and practiced construction using materials they found outdoors. As for vocabulary, the children learned about speed, velocity, depth, incline, decline, perimeter, area, measurement, and more.

“The process was extremely successful,” said center director Tonjia Grimble. “The children were so excited about everything and our parents were very impressed.”

Tonjia shared two thoughts from parents:

“The real-world application from doing STEM is great for learning later in life. Thank you for attempting to apply something new that keeps my daughter interested.” – Joel

“My son came home raving about the red and white blood cells in his body. He really understood what each cell does thanks to a guest speaker. I’ve really enjoyed seeing my son’s vocabulary grow.” – Beatriz

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