NSC teams A to Z: I is for internal audit

The internal audit team searched for (and found!) their engagement score. Way to go team!

The internal audit team searched for (and found!) their engagement score. Way to go team!

Name: Internal audit

AKA: Doreen, Ann, Beth, Emily, Mark, Jody, Chloe and Gloria

Known for: Identifying areas for operational improvement and working with teams around KU to understand the cause for process breakdowns and to support the┬ácenters and National Support Center groups in implementing solutions. The team creates awareness and provides feedback on the performance of some of our most important operating practices: field, process, and controls. “Almost everything we do at KU can be attributed to a process that can be evaluated for operational efficiency and effectiveness, control sufficiency and risk mitigation.”

Habitat: The northeast side of the 15th floor of the┬áNSC (aka “internal audit alley”), the Hawaiian food cart, and Burrito Boy. Also centers – “We travel to about 65 centers each year.” “We can be anywhere.”

Food: Food carts, Jimmy Johns (delivered by bike messenger), potluck, treat day (non payday Fridays) – “Gotta have fun on non paydays.”

Predators: “We’re the biggest predator according to others.” “There’s the misconception that we are the predator. We’re advocates, not the predator or the police.”

Adaptive survival skills: Roll with the changes, go with the flow

Most active: Quarter end

Daily activities/regular routines: Talking on the phone to center directors, district managers, and NSC staff

Longest standing member: Ann, 12 years

Newest addition: Chloe, seven months

Words of internal audit wisdom: “If you don’t know, ask.”

Contact: Check the internal audit page on KLCentral for contact information

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