Spark Award winners shine bright in Arizona

At last week’s Field Leader Summit, 12 Field Leaders received Spark Awards in recognition of their inspirational leadership. Spark Award winners have high standards for their districts, operate with a can-do spirit, and have a constant drive for excellence. These leaders build strong teams that are highly engaged and drive financial success. Each winner saw their name in a “Hollywood Star” at the Arizona Grand Resort and received a personalized gift.

Congratulations Spark Award winners!

Melissa Vandever, Region 1, District 10
Crystal Dewoody, Region 2, District 5
Tiffany Bliss, Region 3, District 5
Chaya Swenson, Region 4, District 7
Peggy Delaney, Region 5, District 8
Wendy Donovan, Region 6, District 13
Melanie Feldner, Region 9, District 9
Pat Nese, Region 10, District 11
Kassandra Mason, Region 11, District 11

Andrew Cohen, Regional Director, Region 10

Michele Melvin, Area Manager, Region 4
Semira Sarancic, Regional Manager, Region 4

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